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10 Essential Windows 7 Downloads – PC World

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10 Essential Windows 7 Downloads – PC World.

Check out this great resource link for upgrading to Windows 7!

SimplifyIT LOVES Vista SP2

It’s time for the SimplifyIT team to start dispelling the rumors and unfounded information users have regarding Microsoft Vista. Officially, its the operating system for the machines owned and operated by SimplifyIT. Here’s the long and short of it:

1) Way back when Vista was released with a ton of hype and a lot of people who didn’t know any better ran out jumped on board. The main problem with this was that most machines in the public at that time were not built to support its advanced infrastructure and code.

2) As time (and anger) went on, most IT people figured out that one of Vista’s main issues was that the O/S was a RAM hog. This means that all of those users out there with 256mb, 512mb and 1gb of RAM really needed to be at around 2gb to 3gb of RAM (4gb was recommended).

3) Once people began upgrading and buying machines with the proper procssor and enough RAM began to see that the O/S actually not only worked better but its a hell of a lot sexier than XP was.

Bottom line? SimplifyIT supports Vista and has no problems managing it on our clients PC’s and Laptops as long as they have sufficient RAM. Remember, if you pour rocket fuel into a Volkswagen, it ain’t gonna run any faster…

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Google Voice: 5 Reasons to Use It, 5 Reasons to Think Twice | ITworld

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